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PRO India proudly serves a diverse range of clients in the field of sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), helping them navigate and implement responsible business practices for a more sustainable and ethical future.


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College students, researchers, and academia officials who want to
build a career in ESG, and want to add ESG to their profile, this course is for you. It will deepen your knowledge and expertise in sustainability, and provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct research,
develop innovative solutions, and collaborate with others to advance
sustainability research and practice.

Program Fees : 2900/-

Session Schedule


Topic 1: Climate Change and Carbon Footprinting

Topic 2 : GHG Inventory Basics

Topic 3: Water Conservation

Topic 4: Waste management, material conservation

Topic 5: Renewable energy

Topic 6 : Other sustainability topics

Doubt Session

Final Exam

About Course Instructor

Mr. Amit Saha ( Founder and CEO of PRO India),Visionary driven professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to fructify ideas into businesses. Have 27+ years of diverse global level experience, primarily in the FMCG sector. Was associated with Hindustan Coca-Cola Pvt. Ltd. as Chief Sustainability Officer for India & South West Asia. Spent 17 years with Coca-Cola and prior to Coca-Cola, worked with Gillette and Eicher for about 10 years.

Role as Chief Sustainability Officer in Coca-Cola has been focused on managing stakeholders & relationships with Govt. officials, representing the company in industry bodies like CII, leading industry forums and shaping conversations on social issues of national scale like waste management, policy advocacy, sustainability, risk management & business continuity.

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About Pro India

Pro India is an integrated National Waste Management Consulting firm .

Our services include EPR audit & compliance, along with Social Impact.

Our unique school programs are being sought after for bringing about social awareness and behavioural change in our future generation.

Our social team are adept at creating CSR and Marketing campaigns and programs to take your messages to the target audience and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

The Collection & Recycling Centers are located in more than 30+ major cities all over the country, either in the form of a franchisee or a partnered 3rd party.

Pro India executes end-to-end EPR compliance in all states in collaboration with these partners.


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PRO India's Certification Course on - Mastering Sustainability: From Emissions to Efficiency

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PRO India's Certification Course on - Mastering Sustainability: From Emissions to Efficiency

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