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PRO India proudly serves a diverse range of clients in the field of sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), helping them navigate and implement responsible business practices for a more sustainable and ethical future.


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Who can Apply

Entry-level officers and trainees who want to implement ESG in their workplace and transition to higher-level jobs/careers in ESG, this course is for you. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make a positive impact on your organization and community, and to advance your career in this rapidly growing field.

College students, researchers, and academia officials who have started to build a career in ESG, and want to add ESG to their profile, this course is for you. It will deepen your knowledge and expertise in sustainability, and provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct research, develop innovative solutions, and collaborate with others to advance sustainability research and practice.


Participant Category Fees
EHS/Sustainability Officer/Junior level officers
INR 29,900
INR 8,900
International Participants
USD 700

Session Schedule

Date Time Sessions Topic
4 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 1

Topic 1: Climate Change and Carbon Footprinting
What is climate change and how is it caused?
What are the impacts of climate change?
What is a carbon footprint and how can it be reduced?
What is a GHG management system and how does it work?
What are different approaches to GHG management?

5 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 2

Topic 2 : GHG Inventory Basics
ISO 14064 standards
GHG Protocol
Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions
Carbon Footprinting
Carbon footprinting assignment
Achieving Net Zero
Achieving carbon neutrality, carbon positivity, and net zero

11 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 3

Topic 3 : Energy Efficiency
Why is energy efficiency important?
Energy efficiency vs. energy conservation: What's the difference?
How to manage energy effectively
ISO 50001: The international standard for energy management
ESCOs: Energy service companies and their role in energy efficiency
The latest energy efficiency technologies

12 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 4

Topic 4: Water Conservation
The significance of water conservation
How to create a water balance diagram
Water audit instrumentation
Benchmarking and specific water use
How to reduce domestic water consumption
Wastewater treatment technologies
How to achieve water neutrality / water positivity
Beyond the fence water initiatives

18 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 5

Topic 5: Waste management, material conservation
How to define waste and what is waste
Waste management rules and regulations
Solid waste management Management approach, latest technologies
Liquid waste management – Latest technologies
Gaseous waste management - Latest regulations and technologies

19 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 6

Topic 6: Renewable energy
India’s present scenario in renewable energy
Factors promoting and hindering the development of RE in India
Technologies for Energy Storage
Solar energy – cost, operation and regulations promoting solar energy
Wind energy – cost, operation and regulations promoting solar energy
Biomass – cost, operation and regulations promoting solar energy
Hydel energy – cost, operation and regulations promoting solar energy
Comparison coal based, solar and wind energy
Renewable Purchase Obligation RPO
Renewable Energy Certificates REC
Solar rooftop - Net metering and gross metering"

25 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 7

Topic 7: Life Cycle Assessment and Product Stewardship
Understanding Life Cycle Assessment
Importance of life cycle assessment in environmental management and achieving sustainability goals
The definition of life cycle thinking LCT and life cycle management LCM
ISO 14040 LCA Framework – Goal & Scope, Life Cycle Inventory, Life Cycle Impact and Interpretation
Case studies – Application of LCA concepts in decision making

26 May 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 8

Topic 8 : Life Cycle Assessment and Product Stewardship Cont
The role of single-issue approaches, such as carbon footprint
Environmental Product Declaration
Eco labelling, Types of ecolabel and how they are connected to LCA
Assignment on LCA

1 June 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 9

Topic 9 : Other sustainability topics
Internal carbon pricing
Carbon market
Carbon Disclosure Project
Science based Targets
Sustainability standards

2 June 2024
1100 Hrs to 1300 Hrs
Online Live Session 10

Topic 10 : PRO TECHT
Sustainability Reporting: Enrollees will receive hands-on training in using PRO TECHT, a cutting-edge sustainability reporting software developed by PRO India. This tool simplifies the sustainability reporting process, making it easy to translate knowledge into real-world applications.

8 June 2024
Not Decided
Offline Live Session 11

Industry Visit: The course provides a unique opportunity for participants to embark on an industry visit, gaining firsthand exposure to sustainability practices in action. This experience helps bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation.

15 June 2024

Final Exam online proctored exam

Live Sessions – 11 Nos
Time : Total Hours : 22+ Hours
Assignments – 2 Nos : Online submission of assignments
Online Practice Quiz – 8 Nos : Tests can be taken from laptops, desktops, mobile phones & tablets. Quiz will be timed

The course also provides hands on projects and industry visits.


Expected Work Roles/Career Professions after Completing the ESG Training/Course

Upon successful completion of PRO India’s ESG Training/Course Program, individuals can explore a variety of impactful roles within the fields of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability. Some potential career professions include:

a. ESG Analyst:

  • Responsible for analyzing and evaluating companies’ ESG performance.
  • Provide insights to stakeholders for informed decision-making.

b. Sustainability Consultant:

  • Collaborate with organizations to develop and implement sustainable practices.
  • Advise on ESG strategies to enhance overall corporate responsibility.

c. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager:

  • Oversee and manage CSR initiatives to align with the organization’s goals.
  • Ensure compliance with ESG standards and regulations.

d. Environmental Compliance Specialist:

  • Monitor and ensure adherence to environmental regulations.
  • Implement strategies to minimize the environmental impact of businesses.

e. ESG Reporting Specialist:

  • Prepare comprehensive ESG reports for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
  • Communicate the organization’s sustainability efforts effectively.

f. Sustainable Investment Analyst:

  • Evaluate investment opportunities based on ESG criteria.
  • Provide recommendations for socially responsible investments.

Emerging ESG Roles:

  • Climate Change Specialist: Analyze and mitigate the risks and impacts of climate change on businesses and organizations.
  • Circular Economy Specialist: Develop and implement strategies to minimize waste and promote resource efficiency.
  • Green Finance Specialist: Facilitate investments in renewable energy, clean technology, and other sustainable infrastructure projects.
  • Social Impact Specialist: Measure and manage the social impacts of business activities, ensuring positive contributions to communities.

For Engineers

1. ESG Engineer:

  • Apply engineering expertise to assess and improve environmental, social, and governance practices within organizations.
  • Design and implement sustainable solutions to enhance overall ESG performance.

2. Sustainable Infrastructure Engineer:

  • Specialize in designing and implementing environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.
  • Ensure that construction projects align with sustainable and socially responsible practices.

3. Renewable Energy Project Manager:

  • Oversee the planning and execution of renewable energy projects.
  • Ensure projects adhere to ESG principles and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

4. Environmental Compliance Engineer:

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of engineering projects.

5. Climate Change Resilience Engineer:

  • Focus on developing and implementing strategies to enhance climate resilience in engineering projects.
  • Work on projects that address the impacts of climate change.

6. Sustainable Manufacturing Engineer:

  • Optimize manufacturing processes for reduced environmental impact.
  • Implement sustainable practices in the production and supply chain.

7. EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Engineer:

  • Integrate ESG principles into health and safety protocols.
  • Ensure workplace safety while minimizing environmental impact.

8. Circular Economy Engineer:

  • Design systems that promote circular economy principles.
  • Implement strategies for resource efficiency and waste reduction.

9. Water Resource Management Engineer:

  • Focus on sustainable water use and management in engineering projects.
  • Develop solutions for efficient water resource utilization.

10. Sustainable Transportation Engineer:

  • Work on projects that promote sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Develop and implement environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure.

Average Salary in the Indian Market for ESH, ESG, or Sustainability Professions:

  • As per a survey conducted by AmbitionBox, professionals in the fields of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), and Sustainability are earning an average salary ranging from 4 Lakhs per annum to 9 Lakhs per annum. This data underscores the competitive and rewarding nature of careers in these sectors, making them not only fulfilling in contributing to a sustainable future but also financially rewarding.
  • The demand for expertise in ESG, EHS, and Sustainability is witnessing a significant upswing in India. With the country emerging as a global leader in energy, water conservation, climate change mitigation, renewable energy, circular economy practices, and overall sustainability initiatives, there’s a surge in job opportunities in these fields. Choosing a career in ESG, EHS, or Sustainability not only allows professionals to make a positive impact on the environment and society but also positions them at the forefront of India’s growth in these critical areas.


Reasons Why PRO India's Sustainability
Course Stands Out

Comprehensive Coverage​:PRO India’s course covers essential sustainability topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

Practical Software Training:Enrollees will receive hands-on training in using PRO TECHT, a cutting-edge sustainability reporting software developed by PRO India.

Industry Insights:The course provides a unique opportunity for participants to embark on an industry visit, gaining firsthand exposure to sustainability practices in action.

Hands-On Projects:Apply knowledge through practical sustainability projects. This hands-on approach allows them to make a meaningful impact by addressing real sustainability challenges.

Professional Certification:Earn a recognized sustainability certification.

Networking Opportunities:Engaging with like-minded individuals and sustainability experts throughout the course fosters valuable connections.

About Course Instructor

Mr. Amit Saha ( Founder and CEO of PRO India),Visionary driven professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to fructify ideas into businesses. Have 27+ years of diverse global level experience, primarily in the FMCG sector. Was associated with Hindustan Coca-Cola Pvt. Ltd. as Chief Sustainability Officer for India & South West Asia. Spent 17 years with Coca-Cola and prior to Coca-Cola, worked with Gillette and Eicher for about 10 years.

Role as Chief Sustainability Officer in Coca-Cola has been focused on managing stakeholders & relationships with Govt. officials, representing the company in industry bodies like CII, leading industry forums and shaping conversations on social issues of national scale like waste management, policy advocacy, sustainability, risk management & business continuity.

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Pro India is an integrated National Waste Management Consulting firm .

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